Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Download Hindi Full [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] HdHub4u Review

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Download
Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Download

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on HdHub4u. Rashtra Kavach Om is a 2022 Indian action film directed by Kapil Verma and produced by Zee Studios and Ahmed Khan. The film stars Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjana Sanghi, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Prakash Raj and Prachee Shah Paandya in leading roles. The story follows a police officer and forensic specialist who team up to track down a serial killer in Mussoorie. The film was released in theaters on July 1, 2022 and on ZEE5 on August 11, 2022.

Rashtra Kavach Om HdHub4u

Movie Rashtra Kavach Om
Directed by Kapil Verma
Written by Raj SalujaNiket Pandey
Produced by Zee Studios, Ahmed Khan, Shaira Khan
Starring Aditya Roy Kapur
Sanjana Sanghi
Jackie Shroff
Ashutosh Rana
Prakash Raj
Prachee Shah Paandya
Music by Amandeep Singh Jolly
Release date 1 July 2022 (2022-07-01)
Language Hindi

Rashtra Kavach Om Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Review

Rashtra Kavach Om tells the story of Om, a para-commando tasked with extracting a valuable technology called Kavach from a ship. However, things go wrong when there is a power outage at the coordination center and Om is shot in the head. Three months later, Om wakes up from a coma and begins to uncover the mystery of his childhood trauma, with the help of his colleague Kavya and forensic expert Rohit.

As they investigate, they uncover a plot involving Om’s father, Dev, who was a brilliant nuclear scientist working on the development of Kavach. It is revealed that Dev was falsely accused of being a traitor and his house was burned down in an attempt to cover up the truth. Dev was separated from his son, Rishi, in the fire and told him to run away. Om’s uncle Jai arrives on the scene and saves Rishi, adopting him as his own son and renaming him Om.

As the investigation continues, it becomes clear that Dev is still alive and working on Kavach for auctioneers in Armenia. Vandana, the Prime Minister, decommissions the chase for Kavach, but Jai is determined to continue his pursuit of the truth, believing in his brother’s innocence. Tragically, Jai is killed in the process, leaving Om to pick up the pieces and bring Kavach back to its rightful place.

Rashtra Kavach Om Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Plot

The film begins with a coordinated ship attack led by Murthy, the special unit incharge, and Jai Rathore, with the permission of Prime Minister Vandana. The mission is to extract Kavach, an advanced nuclear disarming technology, and it is led by para-commando Om Rathore. However, during the operation, there is a power outage at the coordination center and Om is shot in the head.

Three months later, Kavya Sharma is taking care of a comatose Om. When Om wakes up from his coma, he is informed by Rohit, a colleague of Om and Kavya, that he is awake. Rohit also informs Jai, Murthy, and Vandana about Om’s recovery. However, shortly after waking up, Om’s place is attacked and he is only saved thanks to Kavya. Om insists that Kavya take him to the Kasauli 11 km marker, which holds a clue to his childhood trauma.

It is revealed that Om’s father is actually Dev Rathore, Jai’s brother. In a flashback, Dev, a brilliant nuclear scientist, proposes to Murthy and Jai that they develop Kavach as a defense against nuclear war with the help of the DRDO. After their proposal is approved, Dev is shown being kidnapped by his colleagues and his house is burned down. As Dev is separated from his son Rishi by the flames, he tells him to run away. Jai arrives on the scene and saves Rishi.

Rashtra Kavach Om Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Aditya Roy Kapur as Om Rathore/Rishi Rathore
  • Sanjana Sanghi as Kavya Sharma, Om’s colleague and love interest
  • Jackie Shroff as Dev Rathore
  • Prakash Raj as Murthy
  • Ashutosh Rana as Jai Rathore, Om’s father
  • Prachee Shah Paandya as Yashwi Rathore, Om’s mother
  • Bijou Thaangjam
  • Elnaaz Norouzi as Item number in song “Kala Sha Kala”

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