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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on HdHub4u. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Divyang Thakkar and produced by Aditya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma under Yash Raj Films. It stars Ranveer Singh as the titular character, a son of a traditional Gujarati sarpanch who believes in gender equality. The film also features Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani, and Ratna Pathak Shah in supporting roles. It is a Hindi-language film produced in India in 2022.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar HdHub4u

Movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar
Directed by Divyang Thakkar
Written by Divyang Thakkar, Anckur Chaudhry
Produced by Aditya Chopra, Maneesh Sharma
Starring Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Ratna Pathak Shah, Boman Irani
Music by Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhara) Jonita Gandhi
Release date 13 May 2022 (2022-05-13)
Language Hindi

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Review

Jayesh Patel, also known as Jayeshbhai Jordaar, is a kind and educated man who lives with his family in the village of Pravingarh. His family consists of his father Pruthvish, who is the village sarpanch, his mother Jashoda, his pregnant wife Mudra, and his modern daughter Siddhi. The family is excited about the new addition to the family, hoping that the child will be a boy so that he can continue the family’s lineage and become the next sarpanch after Jayesh.

During a regular check-up with the doctor, Jayesh learns that his second child is also going to be a girl. In a flashback, it is revealed that Mudra was forced to abort six female children in the past nine years because she was unable to conceive a male heir. However, Jayesh, who strongly believes in gender equality, decides not to inform his family and makes a plan to elope with Mudra and Siddhi to Laadopur, a village in Haryana whose entire population is male.

One day, Jashoda arranges a meeting with a doctor who can predict the gender of their child. Jayesh executes his plan in front of his parents, who believe that Mudra has kidnapped Jayesh (though it was all an act). The story follows Jayesh’s journey to fight for the rights of his wife and all the ladies in his village.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised Ranveer Singh’s performance and the film’s message, others criticized the poor writing and ineffective storytelling. Overall, the film tackles the important issue of gender inequality and showcases the journey of one man’s fight for justice and equality.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Plot

In Laadopur, Jayesh finds a job as a teacher in a local school. He starts teaching the villagers about the importance of education and gender equality. However, the villagers are resistant to change and are not happy with Jayesh’s ideas. They even go to the extent of trying to kill Jayesh and his family.

Meanwhile, Jayesh’s family in Pravingarh, who believe that Mudra has kidnapped Jayesh, start looking for him. Pruthvish even hires a detective to find his son. The detective, Gopi, eventually finds Jayesh in Laadopur and informs his family about his whereabouts.

When Pruthvish and Jashoda come to Laadopur to bring Jayesh back, they are shocked to see the condition of the village and the treatment of women there. They realize their mistake and apologize to Jayesh for not understanding his views. They also promise to support him in his mission to bring about change in their village.

Together, Jayesh and his family start a campaign to educate the villagers and promote gender equality. They face many challenges and opposition, but they never give up. In the end, they succeed in their mission and bring about a positive change in the village.

Mere Desh Ki Dharti is a heartwarming story of a man’s struggle to bring about positive change in his community and promote gender equality. It is a thought-provoking film that highlights the importance of education and the need for change in traditional mindsets.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Ranveer Singh as Jayesh Patel / Jayeshbhai Jordaar
  • Shalini Pandey as Mudra Patel, Jayesh’s wife
  • Boman Irani as Pruthvish Patel, Jayesh’s father
  • Ratna Pathak Shah as Jashoda Patel, Jayesh’s mother
  • Jia Vaidya as Siddhi Patel, Jayesh and Mudra’s daughter
  • Deeksha Joshi as Preeti, Jayesh’s sister
  • Puneet Issar as Amar Tau
  • Ragi Jani as Sanjay Patel, Jayesh’s Uncle

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