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Forensic Movie Download
Forensic Movie Download

Forensic Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on HdHub4u. Forensic The Truth Lies Within is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language psychological thriller film directed by Vishal Furia. It is based on the 2020 Malayalam film of the same name and stars Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte, Prachi Desai, Rohit Roy, and Harbanddana Kaur. The film is set in Mussoorie and follows a police officer and forensic specialist who team up to track down a serial killer. It was released on the streaming platform ZEE5 on 24 June 2022.

Forensic HdHub4u

Movie Forensic
Directed by Vishal Furia
Written by Adhir Bhat, Vishal Kapoor, Ajit Jagtap
Produced by Deepak Mukut
Mansi Bagla
Varun Bagla
Starring Vikrant Massey
Radhika Apte
Rohit Roy
Prachi Desai
Music by Adrija Gupta
Release date 24 June 2022 (2022-06-24)
Language Hindi

Forensic Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Review

Forensic is a crime thriller film that follows the story of a forensic expert named Johnny and his ex-girlfriend, police officer Megha, as they work together to investigate a string of grisly murders in Mussoorie. The film begins with an intriguing prologue that sets the mood for the grisly murders that are to come. The first half of the film touches upon the possibility of a child killer, the application of forensics in crime solving, and introduces Tovino Thomas’s character, Sam Kattookaran, a medico-legal advisor to the state police. Sam assists Rithika Xavier, played by Mamta Mohandas, in tracking down the killer, but it is clear from the start that Sam is always one step ahead in unlocking clues.

The film features minor forensic flourishes, including the use of a lie detector test and the analysis of a crime scene to determine the age and height of the killer. There is also an interesting twist at the interval point, which is followed by a poorly acted and unconvincing back story in the final reveal. The film also includes a subplot involving the strange family history of Sam and Rithika, which is connected to the present-day crimes. Despite an exciting action set piece earlier in the film, the final half hour is filled with a talkathon that attempts to explain the killer’s reasoning, followed by a tacky action scene. Overall, while the packaging of Forensic falls short and the writing in the second half could have been stronger, it is still a decent effort in the crime thriller genre.

Forensic Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Plot

As they dig deeper into the case, they discover that the killings are connected to a case from 20 years ago involving a young girl named Tina. Tina’s father was accused of the murders, but he claims he was framed. Megha and Johnny realize that Tina’s father may be innocent and that the real killer is still at large.

As they work to uncover the truth, Johnny and Megha’s past comes back to haunt them. They must confront their own demons and face the pain of their past in order to solve the case and bring the killer to justice. Along the way, they also must deal with their own complicated relationship and the fact that they are working together again after so many years apart.

In the end, they are able to solve the case and bring the real killer to justice. Johnny and Megha are able to heal their own wounds and move on from their past, with the hope of building a brighter future together.

Forensic Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Vikrant Massey as Forensic specialist Johnny Khanna
  • Radhika Apte as SI Megha Sharma
  • Rohit Roy as Abhay Khanna, Johnny’s elder brother
  • Prachi Desai as Therapist Ranjana Gupta / Shashi
  • Vindu Dara Singh as constable Rawat
  • Anant Mahadevan as Dr. Rajeev Gupta
  • Narendra Gupta as Dr. Solanki

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