Collar Bomb Movie Download Hindi Full [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] HdHub4u Review

Collar Bomb Movie Download
Collar Bomb Movie Download

Collar Bomb Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on HdHub4u. Collar Bomb is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Dnyanesh Zoting and starring Jimmy Sheirgill as the lead character. The film follows the story of a man who is kidnapped and forced to wear a collar bomb that will explode if he does not comply with the kidnappers’ demands. The film explores themes of crime, suspense, and the race against time as the protagonist tries to outsmart the kidnappers and save his own life.

The film was released digitally on Disney+ Hotstar and was not released in theaters. The release on Disney+ Hotstar gave the film a wide reach and helped it to reach a large audience. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the intense and thrilling story, while others criticized the pacing and the lack of depth in the characters. Despite mixed reviews, the film was well-received by audiences for its high-octane action, suspenseful storyline, and Jimmy Sheirgill’s performance.

Collar Bomb HdHub4u

Movie Collar Bomb
Directed by Dnyanesh Zoting
Written by Anurodh Gusain
Praful Sawant
Produced by Siddharth Anand Kumar
Vikram Mehra
Starring Jimmy Sheirgill
Sparsh Srivastav
Rajshri Deshpande
Asha Negi
Ajit Singh Palawat
Naman Jain
Music by Anshuman Mukherjee
Release date 9 July 2021 (2021-07-09)
Language Hindi

Collar Bomb Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Review

Collar Bomb is a Hindi-language thriller film directed by Dnyanesh Zoting, starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Asha Negi, and Swanand Kirkire. The film follows the story of a cop, ACP Avinash Verma (Jimmy Sheirgill), who is tasked with handling a high-stakes case involving a collar bomb. The collar bomb is strapped to the neck of a young woman, who is kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnapper demands a large sum of money and threatens to detonate the bomb if his demands are not met. The film follows the investigation and the race against time as the cops try to track down the kidnapper and save the woman’s life.

The film received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the performances of the lead actors, particularly Jimmy Sheirgill and Asha Negi, and the tense and suspenseful atmosphere of the film. However, others criticized the film for its lack of logic and depth, and for its unsatisfying climax. Some reviewers also mentioned that the director Dnyanesh Zoting raised some hope for the audience but failed to live up to the expectations.

Collar Bomb Hindi Movie Download HdHub4u Plot

“Collar Bomb” is a thriller film that follows the story of a police officer, who is thrown into a dangerous situation when a suicide bomber threatens to blow up a school. The officer is forced to commit a series of crimes in order to stop the bomber and save the lives of innocent people. As the tension builds and time runs out, the officer is confronted by an evil force that is determined to strike fear into the hearts of everyone involved. The film explores themes of power, corruption, and the lengths that one may go to in order to save lives. As the officer navigates this dangerous and unpredictable situation, he must also confront his own inner demons and question whether the ends justify the means. The film is a nail-biting, action-packed thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Collar Bomb Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Jimmy Sheirgill as SHO Manoj Hesi
  • Sparsh Srivastav as Shoeb Ali
  • Rajshri Deshpande as Rita
  • Asha Negi as ASI Sumitra Joshi
  • Ajit Singh Palawat as Ratan Negi
  • Naman Jain as Akshay Hesi
  • Ajay Purkar as Commander Bhaskar Chandra
  • Shashi Bhushan as Inspector Mohan Rawat
  • Ambarish Deshpande as Deputy Commandant Satyan
  • Vidushi Mehra as Sarah Fernandes
  • Suman Singh as Peter Fernandes

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